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EDIT: Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive response! Seriously you all are the greatest. Thank you for your advice, your offers of assistance, and everything else. :) Right now, tentatively, I'm thinking that I'll start a group for NuzRooke Sun and those who join the production team will be a part of that group. I think what I'd like, is for it to be an opportunity for a group project, rather than just my own. I would actually really love to do that - so that anyone who'd like to try working on a comic can get the experience, or show off their artwork, or even just try new things without repercussions in their own work. I think if that becomes NuzRooke Sun's focus, it'll become more than just a sequel to NuzRooke, but become something more meaningful. ^u^
For now, I think that starting the comic will wait until after I finish doing Dear Dragon, so that I'm working on two comics at a time. Dear Dragon won't take too much longer, since it's so simple to draw and I work at a relatively fast clip with it. But once that's finished, I'll gather everyone I talked to here, and we can make a gameplan to make an awesome comic.
Together. :)

This is just sending out a call in case anyone is interested.

So - I've been planning, for a while, to do a NuzRooke sequel of some sort. I recently finished a playthrough of Sun that I believe will become the story of the sequel. I had plenty of great characters who I loved in the game, so I'm excited to start the project eventually.

One of the reasons why I haven't started it yet...I don't know. I love NuzRooke a lot, and sometime I wonder if a sequel would be superfluous. Like, I love the ending of NuzRooke, I love the story in its completion. It doesn't need a sequel. Really, the main reason I even considered doing a sequel was because I knew you guys would like it. XD

Another thing is time. I'm working on Dragontry as my main comic project, Dear Dragon helps me bounce between it and feel productive, and then I have a handful of commission pieces I'm working on at any time. Add that to my endless stream of art projects for my university classes, and art wise, I really don't have much creative juice or creative time to spare.

And then, a bit of a silly worry, but one that strikes home to me as a storyteller, is I worry that doing the sequel would put myself further in NuzRooke's shadow. I mean...the story that I truly love and want to share the most, the one that means something to me, is Dragontry. So I want people to love it just as much as I do. And I fear that if I start doing NuzRooke's sequel, then people will love it more than Dragontry, and Dragontry and myself as an original storyteller will end up in NuzRooke's shadow. And I don't want that. I want Dragontry to shine as its own, unique thing. ^^

These are some things I've been wondering about.

Now, because I'm doing NuzRooke Sun for your sake - I wonder - if any of you would like to help me make it happen?

When I did NuzRooke the first time, due to extenuating circumstances in my life, I sent out the call for the help of colorists and background artists, who then made NuzRooke so much better than I ever imagined it would be. There is no time crunch this time, like before, but I'd like to send out the same call, if only if it will help make NuzRooke Sun that much more likely to happen.

I'd like to invite anyone who might be interested in helping me create NuzRooke Sun, and be a part of Team NuzRooke? We'd all work together on the pages, you'd get early access to the story, and you'd help with either coloring characters or painting backgrounds. Those that join Team NuzRooke will also get their artwork showcased and advertised - I could even start a new account that we could all share to make NuzRooke Sun it's own thing. :) Is there any of you would be interested in such a team endeavor?

Tl;dr  In order to make NuzRooke Sun the comic more likely to happen, would anyone like to join a team of artists to color and do backgrounds for it?
Hey y'all! Just wanted to take a second to say you are all AWESOME, and I'm so glad to have met you all. ^^ Have a marvelous day!
Everything...everything is on hiatus until I get well again. I have never been so sick in my life . Ohhhh...
Hey everyone! I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year in 2017! I myself am starting it in my new apartment (great new start) while being horribly ill (not so great XD).

Here are some of my goals for the New Year, as far as my artwork goes.

1. Continue strongly in Dragontry!
As the year progresses I want to release lots of new pages of Dragontry for you all to enjoy. :) This year put me at finishing around 80 pages, which isn't bad. But considering my early projections of the comic are that it'll be somewhere between 700-1000 pages, then that means I'll be working on Dragontry for 7 or more years at this rate. XD Which I totally will! But I'd certainly love to reach the climax earlier than that!

2. Get the NuzRooke Anthology printed!
 I think I've decided to print NuzRooke in two volumes, Act 1 and Act 2, so I'll get to work editing those and painting covers for them. I might still do a Kickstarter and get it printed by itself though. I'll see what the future brings. But in deciding that, I was digging through my files and re-discovered all the work I had done on The Art of NuzRooke - an extra book that included extra artwork, all the early sketches, and my own commentary on the story. I started working on it December of 2015, and I actually got a lot done. So as well as Act 1 and 2 of NuzRooke, I'd love to get the Art of NuzRooke printed as a companion book. :)
Originally I wanted to include with it ALL the lovely fanart that was made for NuzRooke. But that'll take a lot of time too...unless I get some help on that again. Oh well, we'll see what the future brings!

3. Begin a NuzRooke sequel~ ;)
This one is in the works, and I hope to get started on it soon as a side project to Dragontry. ;)

So that's all the goals I can think of while I'm feeling so icky and sick. So I'm going to go curl up on my bed and watch anime until I feel better. See y'all!
Hey guys! So I've been working on getting the NuzRooke Colored Anthology printed. It's going to be beautiful - it includes the full comic, including all Q&A's and extra strips, as well as the extra artwork and even the fan comics that became relevant to the story! (See LadyKindle and Patilee. :))

The problem is...I went to get it printed on, which is the place I used to print the first anthology. BUT because I included all the extra strips and Q&A's, it bumped the page count to 867 which is...about 100 pages more than Lulu can print, apparently, as I discovered when I went to do it. XD

So here are my thoughts, and I'd like to hear yours and your suggestions.

1. So, does anyone know any websites similar to As in, that will allow me to self-publish the book and have it for sale online so y'all can actually order them?

2. Ok so if you don't know that, then what are your thoughts on my doing a Kickstarter to get the book printed myself? I can find a printer locally or elsewhere, I'm sure (if you've ever had books printed and have reccomendations, let me know) so that's a valid option. But to PAY for a whole printed run of books would be a heck of a lot more than I can afford. (Especially since it's COLORED. Yowza.) That's when I'd turn to Kickstarter, so that you all can help me fund the project so you all can get the book! :)

3. The third option would be to SPLIT the Anthology into two books. I don't like this option because there isn't really a good place in the story to split it into Book 1 and Book 2, so to speak, but if we did that I can get it printed nicely on Lulu. It would be more work for me since I'd have to edit it again, but it's possible.

So what do you all think? I, personally, would love to have a beautiful colored edition of NuzRooke on my shelf, but this is less about me and about what YOU all would like the most. Comment and tell me your thoughts and suggestions!…

Come keep me company while I work on a pony painting. And if I can get it done in a reasonable amount of time, I might have time to work on sketching the NuzRooke Anthology covers! :D
Hey all! I was hoping to have begun posting Dragontry's third chapter to Deviantart and elsewhere by now, but it hasn't happened. Why? Well, for one thing, I've been working on building a buffer of pages that will, hopefully, allow me to continue updating at a regular pace even though soon I'll be heading back out to college again. That means that I'm going to be working on Dragontry in between classes and homework. I'll still devote a ton of time to it, but it's going to be slower, even slower than now! So I wanted to have a nice big buffer of pages so that you guys can enjoy it regularly. :)

Although, if you'd like to see pages AS I finish them, you can always go chuck a dollar in my bucket over on Patreon. And that would be a huge help to me too!

Anyway, another reason for the wait is because I'm actively working on getting a website set up for Dragontry! So that's taking my time and effort right now as well, since I want it to be just as lovely as the comic. I'll continue to update the comic here on Deviantart, but I'll be posting them to Dragontry's website earlier than here. So the order will go Patreon - then Dragontry's website - then here. Why? Because reading the comic here is free for you, and free for me. But once I have ad revenue set up, reading the comic on its website will STILL be free for you, but also help me out financially! Win win!

And the third reason why Dragontry hasn't come out yet, as a few of you have seen, is that I'm working on other artwork for the story, planning out Chapter 4, doing my paintings with the musician Garrison Ulrich (4everfreebrony on Youtube), re-cutting the pages of NuzRooke for a color printing, and a host of other little side projects just for fun and to de-stress. :) Add on top of that my preparations for Christmas AND moving, all in one...I'm blessed that in all that I do, I'm still comfortably less stressed. Lots to do, but I'm not wearing myself out, which is grand. A wonderful place to be in life, and I am doing my best to make the most of it! Even so, it means that what has ended up being a long wait for you guys hasn't felt so long to me, but will hopefully end with lots for both of us. :)

Anyhow, carry on, Happy November, and I love you all! :D
I have a great deal of trouble staying in bed. What I mean is, that when it's late and I want to sleep and I go upstairs and lie down, inevitably, I'll get ideas about things to do or say. In the past, I told myself, "I'll write that down in the morning."
Naturally I forget by morning. It's happened enough that I've given in, and when those inspirations strike, I roll out of bed, go downstairs to my computer, and write down what I feel like saying or doing. Or I just scribble a note into my phone - but those aren't nearly as legible.

This is one of those things I've been thinking about lately. I've been reading a fantastic trilogy of books called The Meditations Trilogy, by James A. Owen, who is probably my biggest creative inspiration (and who I had the great pleasure in meeting this past summer.) In these books, he shares his personal "mythology" - the experiences in his life, good and bad, and what he has learned from them. The path that has led him to be a successful novelist, comic book artist, and studio owner. And beyond that, the personal stories that have taught him how to live a truly extraordinary, mythic, fulfilling life.

So yes, I've been quite inspired of late. XD But at one point, he shares in his books a thought that resonated deeply with me, due to my own experiences. While going through a particularly dark, awful experience in his life, his hope and his will to persevere were kept afloat by a story. A family legend about the search for a legendary piece of artwork. It was this story that he clung to, that helped him hang on when he wanted to let go, because it reminded him of his own great destiny that was still forthcoming.

It was that idea, though, that spoke to me. A story saved him. Stories that save.

I've been saved by stories before.

Many of us have, I think, especially if we go into a creative field like writing or comics. It's probably because at some point in our life, we read or watched or experienced a story that resonated with us, deep in our being, told us something we needed to hear or validated something that we felt. That's often how we find our favorite stories. The ones we love, where we identify with the story.

I had had those experiences before, but it wasn't until my recent life that a story saved me...and it was a story that was my own.
As a matter of fact, it was Dragontry.

One day, probably when Dragontry is complete, I will share the complete story of how Dragontry saved me. A lot I can't divulge right now - as it would spoil certain lovely plot points still forthcoming - but I can share this much. The story of how Dragontry came to be; the idea for the story, that is; began while I was on my mission. I was far from home, working hard sharing with others the things that had brought me the most joy and hope and light in my life. It's hard to describe the kinds of emotions one goes through, while being a's something one can only experience. But it was while I was a missionary that I first had the mental image of a great city of dragon riders in the sky, a tree of immense proportions at its center, and a war that left this kingdom destroyed. At the time, it was just another one of many story ideas, that I scribbled happily in my notebook whenever I had a spare moment.

Then things took a turn in my life during the mission. Things got...a lot harder. I was struggling. I didn't know what to do, and I felt like I was a failure; even though I knew I wasn't, at some level, the feeling of it was too strong. It was in this time of deep darkness that, out of nowhere, from a place beyond myself alone, a light was shone. That light came from an aspect of the story of Dragontry - something I had decided on ages before - in how the dragons fly. A magic of hope and light. And in this one pure moment, I realized that that magic could exist in the real world for me, and that it would help me get out of this darkness. And it did. Things changed. It didn't get easier, but my changed perspective made it feel easier, and feel lighter, and feel better - and then it did get better, truly. I never forgot the lessons I learned from the story of Dragontry, and those lessons became even more deeply entwined in its story. I wanted to share that revelation with everyone! And that, among other things, was part of my feeling of urgency in telling the story of Dragontry to all of you as quickly as I could.

Because it was a story that saved me.

The stories that save us have a great deal of power. And when we are the ones that come up with a story that then turns around and saves its creator...then that power is tenfold. And the thing is, if you let it, if you pursue keeps saving.

Dragontry didn't save me just once. It continues to save me.

In the time since that wonderful moment of light, when Dragontry saved me the first time, I've had a multitude of experiences. I continued to develop Dragontry's story more. It's easy to see, from the character and situation of Rozali, that loss is going to be a big part of the story. Dealing with loss. That's no big spoiler, since the story opens with Rozi's loss of her home, the kingdom of Dragontry. I knew this long ago. But it hit home when this past spring my fiance and best friend of ten years left me. That's a loss that still echoes today, even though I've healed considerably from it. But one of the big things that helped me heal was Dragontry and its story. It saved me again. Lessons that I had already written into the story - lessons that Rozali would learn about loss - turned around and became true and confirming lessons to me in my own time of loss. Before they had been words alone, but now they were real in a way I would never have expected. I learned from the story that I had written myself.

That is something that continues to amaze me, and that I continue to express deep gratitude for. I don't know what your personal beliefs are, if you believe in deity, the universe, by any name or any form, what-have-you. But as for me and my beliefs, what I do know with absolute certainty is that the stories come from somewhere beyond me. I couldn't have just...come up with Dragontry, the way that it is, because it taught me lessons that I didn't know. Lessons I had no idea I would need. Lessons that would save me.

I hope, with Dragontry, I dearly hope that I will be able to help those lessons come across to all of you; because they have helped me deeply, and I think there are some folks out there who would be helped by them too. Even if it comes to pass that I am the only one who truly sees the lessons and feels that story, then that's alright. It's still saving me, even now.

But if you're in a place in life, in your creative work or just in everything...where you don't know what you should be doing...then think of this. If you don't know what story to tell, then remember the stories that saved you. And then turn around, and tell a Story that Saves. It might save someone else, but more than likely, when you put your heart and soul into a saving story, it will turn around and save you. And it'll do it again, and again, as long as you need it to. And the glorious thing about a story that's told, is that it's there for all to see, for all to hear and read and that no matter how many generations may pass, someone might still find the story that saved you, and in turn be saved themselves.

So tell the Stories that Save. Live those stories. And if you find yourself having trouble being saved, well...I'm here. Others are here too. And I believe, with every bit of my heart, that you'll find the story that saves you - whether from me, or from them, or from yourself when the time comes. Just keep looking. Keep hoping. And keep listening.

If you listen...the Stories are already being told.
I've been making a bunch of t-shirt designs lately - mostly for fun, and for Steven Universe, because I love that show so dearly. But all the designs I create ARE available for you guys too, if you want them.

On that note, is there any piece of artwork of mine, recent or old, that you in particular would love to see on a t-shirt?

If so, comment below with a link to it! I'll see which ones I can make into shirts as well! :)
Hey all! So, I've been doing a great deal of thinking. (generally not a good sign, but it's been good thinking. XD)

Mostly about NuzRooke X and the feasability of the project. It still won't be soon...I have my hands full with Dragontry right now, and I need to get back into my comfortable groove with that before I'll add on a second project.

But I'm not abandoning the idea! I'm still committed to doing a NuzRooke sequel in the semi-near future (as in, hopefully within this next year. XD) But I've been thinking a lot on the nature of the story.

The original idea, NuzRooke X, was a playthrough of X version that I still haven't finished. It had some great characters who I love, some good moments, and I was planning on doing the whole story in mystery dungeon style. It would be playing off of, and fulfilling, a major theme of the original NuzRooke - the theme of Rooke going to different worlds, and to some degree, trying to find a way home. In that way, I really liked it as a sequel.

But as time has gone on, a lot hasn't sat well with me. For one thing, the choice to do it mystery dungeon style - which is something I've been wanting to do with a nuzlocke for ages - was a fun idea. But it really didn't match the original...heart and soul of NuzRooke. For one thing, Rooke's motivations were similar but honestly different, and being a Shinx was starting to turn her into a different character. My heavy influence on adapting the plot of X version into a nuzlocke yielded interesting parallels sometimes, but more often felt kind of forced...I was trying to cram too much into it, and the story was coming out complicated. All of this was compounded by the fact that, as I was playing the game...I got...bored. I got bored with the nuzlocke. I liked the characters but I didn't connect them truly to the Pokemon in the game for me to authentically care about them, since the story I was crafting was so different than the literal game I was playing. That's why I haven't finished playing the game. I got to the point of training for the E4 and just...lost interest. I'll finish it, eventually, if I decide to go forward with it as the sequel. There is still a lot going for that story, and that may still be the sequel I create with NuzRooke. It'll take some more gentle tweaking.

What I've recently been considering, though,  is doing a story with a different game...with a concept much simpler, and much more focus on character relationships, like I did with the original NuzRooke. So it'd hopefully have that same vibe. Same old set up - Rooke, off on a pokemon adventure, meeting new friends and seeing new sights, and possibly saving the world. Only in this version of a sequel, I'd do it with Rooke as an adult. :) Gratefully my style has evolved to the point where I could draw her as an adult, since the style of NuzRooke would have made her look still 10 like the rest of the characters. XD

Now which game was still in question...and of course, the reasoning as to why Rooke would go on another adventure, if she didn't want to risk anyone's life. That latter problem isn't too hard to solve, and will probably yield some interesting character development on Rooke's part. But I still needed to decide.

I was debating between waiting, and doing a playthrough of Sun version for a NuzRooke sequel, or getting OmegaRuby and doing a playthrough of that for a sequel. In the end, I bought OmegaRuby anyway, and am fully committed to getting Sun version anyway. XD I'm doing a nuzlocke of OR and taking notes for it as if it'll be a sequel to NuzRooke. (So far, it's created some AWESOME characters I'd love to share with you all!) It's been a lot of fun to play.

What it's come down to, is that I'm not sure which story I'll tell in the sequel - Rooke as a Shinx in X version, Rooke in Hoenn, or Rooke in Alola. A lot depends on if I like the storyline of Sun version. So I won't know, for sure, what story I'll be telling until I've finished this OR nuzlocke and played Sun as well. And then I'll decide between the three. 

So that's the current news on the NuzRooke sequel :) We'll see what story gets told! If I decide to use the OmegaRuby game or Sun version story, I'll probably write up a summary of what my plans were for NuzRooke X, so y'all can hear about Rooke's mystery dungeon adventure in a parallel universe. XD

TL:DR - NuzRooke's sequel IS coming in the future, but not until I decide whether I'll really use my X version playthrough story, or if I'll switch gears and use a playthrough of OmegaRuby or of Sun version. We'll see!
Reasons I would like to get Core:
- Be able to reorganize my messy gallery into subfolders like Fanart, Nuzlockes, and Original Works
- That is literally it

Reasons I won't get Core:
- Money
- Eeyup
I've been thinking a lot about Risingheart lately...the old Warriors RP site I started. That was over 5 years much has changed.
But I've been remembering all my old friends there, friends who I've sadly lost contact with. I still remember you all and cherish those memories.

So, are any of you out there? I'm going to post this on Facebook too later. Anyone out there remember Risingheart?


And anyone else whose names I've forgotten? Nightheart, Guardianguru, Fendor, I know where you guys are but we haven't talked in ages...I'll message you later. And TheThornShadow, I found you here already too. We should catch up too :)
...Or to anyone looking for free artwork from me!

So...this is going to be a bit of an interesting venture. My little brother is living in Finland right now, being a missionary (like I was almost a year ago :)). His birthday is coming up in November so my mom and I are trying to plan early so that we can be sure we can get something to him for his birthday. Unfortunately, it's really expensive/difficult to get packages into Finland, at least from the United States we've we're worried about getting something to him.

This is where my question comes in. :) The main office of his mission is in Espoo in Helsinki, Finland - it's the best place that things can be delivered to, where they will for sure be able to reach him (since as a missionary his address can change frequently as he travels.)

Are any of you from near Espoo in Helsinki Finland, and would be willing to team up with me to give my brother a happy birthday? :)

What I'm asking is that anyone who lives near there, if you're willing, to go get a cake or pastries or candy, some sort of delicious treat, and take it to the main mission office as a delivery for Vahnin Sellers. If anyone's interested, I'll message you the address. If at least one person could do this, it would seriously brighten my brother's day.

And in exchange...since I'd be asking you to spend money and time on'd get free artwork from me. :) Depending on how much you spend on the gift for my brother, I'd offer you the same amount in return, in the form of fully painted pieces of artwork per your request. So you get my brother a cake, I get you some paintings!

Granted, if anyone outside of Finland would be happy to help...if anyone out there would like to MAIL my brother a package with the hopes that it gets to him, mailing is expensive but I will ALSO pay you with free artwork. And if this works, I'm hoping we can give my brother a happy birthday full of surprise gifts!

so TL;DR - I will pay anyone free artwork in exchange for them sending birthday treats to my brother in Finland.
Help me finish this page of Dragontry! Aaaand if there's time I wanna have some fun with fanart. XD
I just wanted to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday the other day :) I'm sorry I couldn't respond personally to everyone, but I read each one and I appreciate you all so much! :D
:iconlydia-the-hobo: Is a fantastic artist, seriously. Check out this piece she did of Rozali!

Commission- Rozali by lydia-the-hobo

I'll be working on Dragontry, come hang out!
I have some updated information on NuzRooke X, Dragontry, and my Patreon account.

After a great deal of thought (and study on other webcomic artists' patreon accounts) I have decided to make some changes there in terms of goals and rewards. (You can go read the changes there:…, or here in this journal.)

First off, the goal in place before I start making NuzRooke X has been lowered. I figure, baby steps. :) So now once I reach earning $100 a month from Patreon, then I will start creating NuzRooke X. And I'm already earning $22 a month, so we're nearly a quarter of the way there, anyway!

AND! NuzRooke X will be made public!

I've been thinking about it a lot, and I've decided that rather than having the entire comic be unavailable except through Patreon until it's finished, to start creating it and release it EARLY to Patreon. Like, a month or so early. And then pages will start to be released publicly as well. The reasoning for this is...I want the main reason for people to be supporting me on Patreon to be because of Dragontry, or because they like my work. If they're just there for NuzRooke X, well...I'd earn money, but it wouldn't be nearly as fulfilling. Plus, there's so many of you who have stuck with me for so long but don't have the funds to support me, and I figure, I'd rather have it available online where everyone can enjoy it and its story. :)

That leads me into the changes in pledging options on Patreon. I've adjusted it to only have options for $1, $2 and $5 pledges (again, baby steps.) And plus, if all of my 2000 deviantart followers each pitched in a dollar, that'd be $2000 dollars! Incredible! So I figure that lower amounts can add up quickly and be easier on your end.

For folks who chip in $1 every month - You get early access to pages of Dragontry AND NuzRooke X, once it is being posted.
For Dragontry, that means you'll get new pages a week early. For NuzRooke X, that means you'll get any pages that are created within a month's span (I'm still not certain if I'll do it long strips or pages like Dragontry, so that'll affect its update schedule...but YOU'LL GET WHATEVER IT IS EARLY. XD)

For folks who chip in $2 every month - you get access to behind the scenes work on Dragontry and NuzRooke X. This includes in-process work, extra information about the stories and characters, sketches, and how I go about creating my comics.

For folks who chip in $5 every month - you get access to extra artwork, side-comics, and background information regarding the development and worlds of Dragontry and NuzRooke X such as maps, cultural development, side-stories of the characters, and other info and art. Fun stuff!

So yes, that's the new plan! I'm giving myself half a year, basically - until Christmas - to really throw my all into doing this. (My folks are "investing" in me and my work right now, since I'm living at home XD)  but in January it's probable that I'll be heading back to college, and thus my time to work on this all will be severely inhibited since I'll be needing to do college AND get a job to support myself. UNLESS, of course, I'm making enough by then to support myself without another job (at LEAST with buying myself food.)
That, incidentally, will be the next goal after the NuzRooke 100 goal - a goal of "enough food money to survive" while out at college. XD

In order to accomodate making a bit of a buffer for Dragontry, though, I might not post new pages after this week so I can get a few in reserve. Except, of course, the ones that I post to Patreon. We'll play it by ear.

And thank you all again for supporting me through all this, money or no money! Words of support mean a lot to me as well. :)
I don't know if I'm the only one who does this, but whenever anyone watches me, I go check out their profile and their artwork. I've found a lot of awesome artists that way :) Do any of you do that?
I need to finish this next page of Dragontry. Come for spoilers and to hang out!