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December 16, 2012
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Misfits 40 - Epilogue by DragonwolfRooke Misfits 40 - Epilogue by DragonwolfRooke
So it was that our journey came to an end.

It feels like so long ago that Mo first protected me against those Starly. I chose him to be my partner then, despite his twisted face and missing arm. Or maybe I chose him because of them, in that small, best part of my mind?

We went on a great journey. We made wonderful friends, forged bonds that will last forever. We saved the world. I watched heroes rise and fall. I watched a new life come into the world. I watched two hearts fall in love, a beauty for a beast, and a yin for his yang. I saw mercy, triumph, despair, rejection, hope, humility, and victory. I learned so much on this journey.

And am I better person for it? I think so.

Spirit, Mo, and Remus all stayed with me. Spirit is my close companion, my ever present helper. He still plays tricks and jokes and teases me, but he's always there for me. Mo and Remus continue to train and spar, and they're as happy as they can be, I think.

I know they still miss Dia. Mo most of all. He goes to visit her grave every day, and he's planted the most beautiful flowers there. He's become quite a gardener. You see, I decided to move to Floroama. So we live her, in town of the flowers that we so loved.

Rudder and Marsha live nearby, with Gilly. They made themselves a little holt by the river. Gilly has learned to swim - she's as good at it as any Buizel. The three of them are very happy. I think Marsha might even be thinking of having another baby. I know Rudder wouldn't object. Memnon the Psyduck and his little girl Flower the Happiny moved in with them, making them a proper clan, a proper holt. Members of Rudder's old holt sometimes see him, with his ragtag bunch living on the river banks, and I'm sure they don't approve. But, like always, Rudder doesn't mind that. He's happy. They all are.

Feldspar the Onix and his mate Mica moved back to the caves. Bark the Bonsly, who I never truly trained, lives with Nolan and his group of pacifists, who now travel over Sinnoh trying to spread their cause. Doug the Bidoof isn't a Bidoof any longer - he evolved into a Bibarel, and he also moved into Rudder's holt, delighted to finally have a place to fit in.

Teresa the Pachirisu and my other Pokemon all live with me, of course, and I try to keep them out of the box as often as I can. It's a good life, here, and it's not too far from Twinleaf. I get a stipend, an actual pay, due to being Champion, so that's what funds things. I don't mind living on my own, after travelling for so long. And of course, with all my Pokemon, I'm not alone.

So I'm the Champion now, but I doubt I'll stay so long. I mean, I don't think I want to defend my title. I think I'll give it back to Cynthia. Besides, I probably wouldn't be the best for the image of a Champion. A ten-year-old, with a twisted leg? Sure, I was able to trek across the continent, stop an evil organization, vanquish a God Pokemon, and of course defeat the Champion herself. But being the best isn't really my speed, I think.

I look around at all that's happened, and the wonderful Pokemon who surround me in my life. I think...the best thing that I gained from this journey, is that I was able to help them.

The ugly, the rejected, the small. The lonely, the broken, the fallen and the lost. We were all misfits in our own right, all of us. And in the end, that was okay. More than okay. That's what made us who we are.

So, I guess this is the end. But if any of you wonder if you're a misfit, if you don't belong where you're placed, if those around you don't make you feel welcome...well, then. Learn from our example. Because you're much more than you think you are. The greatest things don't "fit" anywhere - they stand alone, like a tree on a hill, proud and strong. And those sorts of trees just end up finding one another.

And there's always a place for you here, if you like. Just follow the roads to Floroama, where the flowers grow thickest. Keep an eye out for a tubby Floatzel, a sniggering Mismagius, a smirking Purugly, a whooping Lucario, or an ugly Infernape who's secretly more handsome than anyone. You'll know you're in the right place.


Misfits (c) me
Pokemon (c) Pokemon

Well, you guys, it's been a great run. This was really cool to do, to write this and paint this and have all of you support this run. It was really, really cool. Thanks for reading. :)
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newv Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014
This Picturelocke was wonderful. Thrills, Cheers, Tear, it had it all.

But it was going over this epilogue, and read those two last paragraphs, that I really reflected on what happened, and what I could take away from the tale of the Misfits. I saw the beauty of those words, and I teared up a little from the emotions held in the story.

This was easily the best ending I have encountered in a Nuzlocke, and is up there in best endings I've ever encountered.

Thank you for writing this beautiful story for us to enjoy and learn from, and good luck to you with whatever God chooses for you.

And I also wish the best for all of the Misfits, wherever it is in God's Dominion that they happen to be real.
TGI-Zuzume Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
- *So we live here

- Who's Nolan again?  I'm assuming that he's one of the box pokemon...

- Oh, so she was a 'misfit' the entire time?  I wonder if that was said in the beginning and I just missed it...

- Those last many pages had me teared up near constantly, and I loved this.  Now, on to start reading Two Kingdoms for real!
suicunetobigaara Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013

aww this was so sad, but I loved the characters and the personalities. It makes me want to start a nuzloke of my own or maybe a a picture nuzlocke like yours :')

Each of you pokemon sounded amazing.

WolfpackDragonfly Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Sackninja Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I cried...
FabulousMaggot Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Student Filmographer
I don't know why
but i can kinda picture
The Classy Trio- Boss, Sir Calvin, and Kagnome (my classy, snobby lil Azelf)
mysterykit42 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013
I miss Sir Calvin the most. :'} (just reread this again. still love it, Rooke! XD)
RIP, you marvelous misfits.
FerreTrip Featured By Owner May 17, 2013
This was amazing. (And I admit, I read it just to read about the chubby floatzel. He's too adorable.) I do have one complaint, though:

If Emily had a twisted leg the whole time, how could she have done so much biking?
DragonwolfRooke Featured By Owner May 17, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Possibly she had a recumbent bike, one of the kind where you sit back in, and she could have pedaled with one foot. Which would be why it would take so long and be so annoying to bike around so much.
mysterykit42 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013
Picturelocke, Animationlocke, Nuzlocke... Heh, maybe I'll try a Plushlocke. XD
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